Eco Camps

Know about Eco Camps

Stop living life in an ordinary way. That’s why eco camps spent over our experience in finding, travelling and choosing super locations to live. For folks that love special. Our propaganda is to provide a great experience for the people who wants to explore every edge of  Adventures.

We are the best accommodation provider in Manali as been providing our services for the past several years to loved customers. We are the first halt for the Leh-bikers.

Experience the Edge of Adventures activities with us

Grab the opportunity to explore and experience the adventures activities at peaks of Himalayas

What we are

We are known for our best accommodation. Our USP is the service we provide to our guests. Best Accommodation with swiss tents at the edge of nature nearby the riverside with all amenities.

Amazing food which makes our camping site the first and compulsion halt for every Leh-biker. Wake up with the chorus of the birds and whistling of the wind and the noise of the silence which make you realise how intense the silence.